Back From The Beach :: Last Days Of Summer


I’ve really been dragging my heels, I know. Having returned from a wonderful break in Cornwall, with a camera and phone full of amazing places, I have shared very little of them. Well, a few glimpses of our lovely holiday as it happened over on Instagram. The truth is I’ve hardly had time to process the holiday in my own mind. We arrived home late on Saturday night with a new school term starting on Monday. I had left for our holiday having packed the PE kit, re-found the lunchbox and even got around to shopping for (and washing and ironing!) uniform in the next size up. So there was a little borderline smugness of for once being one of the organised-type mums, ha! Of course, this is ridiculous, as there is always something we forget. This year it was shoes. Thankfully I asked Mia to find her school shoes on the day before term started, and of course she had grown loads over the summer, and the shoes that were only a few weeks old at the end of term were now tiny! And so we had gone from chilled holiday wanderings in the Cornish countryside to a busy shopping mall with two grizzly children, all in the space of 24 hours.

Work happened too this week, and the proper return to pre-school for Joe, who has been very much a part-timer over the summer break. And there were plenty of things that didn’t really happen at all, such as laundry and house cleaning, and even proper cooking. A and I ended up having sandwiches for dinner two nights running. I know that this will all improve and hope that I will find my new term rhythm and motivation soon.


I just struggle with change, and I am really not ready for the summer to end. I love so much about the Autumn, but it means that we are heading towards the winter which I like less. Those short dark days can seem to go on for endless months, and sometimes no amount of cosy blankets, candles and comfort food can compensate for this. Give me a week or so and I’ll be going with the change of season more happily rather than resisting it. I will be the one running around the park through the crunchy leaves, taking photos of the spider webs in the dewy mornings and searching for a pumpkin spice latte.





10 Reasons To Be Excited About Visiting Cornwall


It’s only eight days until we pack the suitcases into the car and head off to the wild depths of rural Cornwall! Summer just isn’t summer without a trip to the far west of Cornwall. I feel such strong ties to the place, and have been visiting every year for longer than I can remember; I have such happy childhood memories of holidays with my extended family in Mousehole and the surounding villages.

Travelling there now with my little family follows it’s own pattern; we begin the long drive south from Oxford to Cornwall at the break of dawn, always hoping to reach the coast in time for a late breakfast on the beach. As we get closer to our destination, and the main roads become country lanes, with Cornish stone walls and ferns on each side, everyone in the car is looking out for the first glimpse of the sea. Whatever the weather that first sight of the sea, sparkling in the morning light, is magical. I always feel myself relax slightly, breathing out, and willingly letting go of real life for a little while.


So, here are the moments I am most excited about during this year’s visit. Some of these places I visit every year without fail, some are more recent discoveries, and others are brand new experiences just waiting to be discovered.

One: Newlyn Fish Festival – by amazingly good luck this annual festival just happens to be taking place during our stay. There are fish auctions, cooking demos, live music and even trawler boat racing!

Two: Visits to our favourite beaches – to name just a few, Porthcurno, Kynance, Church Cove, Poldhu Cove


Three: Seeing a show at the open air Minack Theatre – I have visited serveral times before, but never seen a show there; we are just trying to decide between a daytime family show, such as Storytelling – Tales from the Trees or an evening show…or maybe both!

Four: A Slice of Cornwall– one of my favourite cafes in the country. Lovely simple local food, amazing cakes and plenty of edible flowers.


Five: Dinosaur Uprising at the Eden Project – this one is mainly for Joe, who is dino-obsessed, but Eden is great for everyone! Mia was only a toddler last time we visited, so has no memories of it; I’m sure she will be really impressed by the amazing biomes.


Six: The Newlyn Filmhouse – I had no idea that this tiny little fishing village was home to an independent cinema, but I will definitely be making time to visit one night.

(how were they ever this small?!)

Seven: The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, St Ives – two years running I have attempted to visit the studio, and due to a combination of missed buses and rebellious toddlers I have missed out…this year I’m not going home until I have!

Eight: Dinner at the Tolcarne Inn, Newlyn – the combination of Michelin starred chef, Ben Tunnicliffe, village pub and an adjacent fish market sounds like a pretty amazing combination to me.


Nine: No. 56 Penzance– a beautiful homeware/interiors type shop on Chapel Street. Perfect for a little holiday gift shopping, and maybe one or two treats for me too…candles, weck jars and linen tea towels are all household essentials right?!


Ten: Roskillys Farm and Tearooms – the ice cream at Roskillys is served throughout Cornwall and is delicious; it’s available at the farm in a cone, tub or (huge) ice cream sundae, or to take away in litre containers for home! Roskillys also have a cafe on site with great food, especially the burgers and lovely fresh salads. And there are farm animals too, great for a little wander in the fresh air after too much ice cream…the perfect stop on the journey home.


And there are so many more not included in this list of ten…second hand bookshops, National Trust gardens, honesty boxes by the side of the road, beach barbeques, late nights playing board games…and of course, more than anything else, just spending time with my family.