Back From The Beach :: Last Days Of Summer


I’ve really been dragging my heels, I know. Having returned from a wonderful break in Cornwall, with a camera and phone full of amazing places, I have shared very little of them. Well, a few glimpses of our lovely holiday as it happened over on Instagram. The truth is I’ve hardly had time to process the holiday in my own mind. We arrived home late on Saturday night with a new school term starting on Monday. I had left for our holiday having packed the PE kit, re-found the lunchbox and even got around to shopping for (and washing and ironing!) uniform in the next size up. So there was a little borderline smugness of for once being one of the organised-type mums, ha! Of course, this is ridiculous, as there is always something we forget. This year it was shoes. Thankfully I asked Mia to find her school shoes on the day before term started, and of course she had grown loads over the summer, and the shoes that were only a few weeks old at the end of term were now tiny! And so we had gone from chilled holiday wanderings in the Cornish countryside to a busy shopping mall with two grizzly children, all in the space of 24 hours.

Work happened too this week, and the proper return to pre-school for Joe, who has been very much a part-timer over the summer break. And there were plenty of things that didn’t really happen at all, such as laundry and house cleaning, and even proper cooking. A and I ended up having sandwiches for dinner two nights running. I know that this will all improve and hope that I will find my new term rhythm and motivation soon.


I just struggle with change, and I am really not ready for the summer to end. I love so much about the Autumn, but it means that we are heading towards the winter which I like less. Those short dark days can seem to go on for endless months, and sometimes no amount of cosy blankets, candles and comfort food can compensate for this. Give me a week or so and I’ll be going with the change of season more happily rather than resisting it. I will be the one running around the park through the crunchy leaves, taking photos of the spider webs in the dewy mornings and searching for a pumpkin spice latte.





Stay At A Historic University: Accommodation On A Budget


Did you know that it’s possible to stay at some of the UKs most famous universities? Rooms are available in many of the UKs most popular cities, including London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge. University Rooms brings together universities, colleges, and student residences in over 30 UK cities, filling the empty student rooms over during Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays. And as students are on holiday for around 20 weeks (almost half!) of the year there is plenty of availabilty. Of all the dates I checked for a potential city break over Easter or the summer holidays, there was a choice of accommodation available in almost all locations.


Its a great option for budget and solo travellers looking to explore top destinations, as there are no single room surcharges, no extra charges and no booking fees. Top facilities are provided, many options having parking available, self catering facilities, en-suites and include wi-fi and breakfast – some even cater for families.

Keble room

Keble room view

Booking city accomodation on a budget can be difficult and in some cities choice is very limited. From past experience, I have often found that there is usually a compromise somewhere, with accomodation often outside of the city centre, or in a tiny room in the heart of town, with just about large enough for a bed and a suitcase! As overnight accommodation prices have increased, UniversityRooms provides low cost accommodation within University facilities, in top locations.

University Rooms seems to provide a really good alternative option to more traditional city break choices. Some of their rooms have even featured as film sets, such as Christ Church College, Oxford where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Staying there you can even have breakfast in the stunning sixteenth century Great Hall, although I suspect the morning post might not be delivered by tiny Hogwarts owls!


The central location of many of the University rooms is also very appealing. I always find that staying in the city centre gives you more of a feel of the place, as you are surrounded by the buzz of daily life.

Stay in the historical city of Oxford, in University colleges and residencies, right in the heart of the city. Make the most of your time there by visiting some of the incredible museums such as the Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers and Museum of natural History. Admire the historic buildings while walking through the bustling city centre. You can also head to Blenheim Palace to see the incredible grounds and dine in the Palace restaurant or take a short bus ride to Bicester Village outlet.


This week is English Tourism Week a week-long celebration of events showcasing the quality and vibrancy of the English tourism industry. What a wonderful way of celebrating and promoting the many amazing destinations throughout our beautiful island.

So why not book a University Room and go exploring somewhere new in the UK! I would love to know where you would recommend for a city break.

This is an affiliated post; I was kindly offered an overnight stay with University Rooms in exchange for my views. Thanks to the lovely Alice at Seriously PR for providing the above images and some specific information about University Rooms.