Spooky Halloween Party Fun With BEAR

If I asked Mia and Joe to list their favourite things, I’m pretty sure that Halloween, parties and glitter would be very near the top for both of them! So, when they received a party invitation to the BEAR Claws Halloween event a few weeks ago, they were super excited. The fact that it was in London too, and meant a trip on the tube (they love it!) just added to the excitement.

The Halloween party invite, with lovely monster artwork, was safely looked after by Mia on the train. She wanted to be the first to find the BEAR’s party location in the Deep Dark Woods once we reached our tube stop. On arriving at Whole Foods Kensington, and hearing the party music and laughter, they rushed towards it, leaving me and their dad behind! With the party in full-swing, they quickly joined in with games, dancing and some excellent craft activities. The guys from Sharky and George children’s party entertainers really know how to keep the party energy going, it was non-stop fun and the kids loved it!

There was also the lovely and incredibly talented Snapdragon Facepainting on hand to create some amazing spooky designs. Mia loved having her face decorated, and had so many ideas for designs, but ultimately decided to go for a surprise design! Her face paint looked amazing, and she loved her arm artwork she asked to keep it on until the next morning!

There’s nothing cuter than munchkin pumpkins and all of the little ones had so much fun decorating them with spooky stickers. Joe took his pumpkin decorating very seriously, and covered every little space on the pumpkin with stickers. It is now proudly displayed on our fireplace at home, where as he says ‘everyone can see my Halloween pumpkin art’!

Waking up the day after the party to a trick-or-treat parcel from BEAR was the sweetest way of continuing the Halloween fun. Mia and Joe unwrapped a great selection of craft supplies for decorating pumpkins, and to Mia and Joe’s delight, GLITTER!

After popping down a layer of newspaper on our kitchen table, I gave them complete freedom to glitter it up and make their super sparkly pumpkins, and also some spooky mummy masks to wear…also strongly featuring glitter! The addition of some boxes of yummy BEAR Claws went down very well too with the little ones. It’s especially important for them to enjoy healthy snacks at this time of year, and the tasty Claws fruit and veg shapes make a welcome alternative to other more sugary Halloween treats available.

They had fun arranging the BEAR Claws to make lots of different monsters with the body part fruity pieces. Thankfully none of the monsters were too scary to eat! BEAR Claws are made with 100% pure fruit and are baked into delicious (and not too scary!) monster body part shapes. With no-added nonsense, no added sugars or preservatives they are an excellent healthy option.

All Halloween limited edition packs of BEAR Claws include some cool glow in the dark stickers, perfect for decorating your own litte pumpkins!

How scary can you make your BEAR sticker creations?! Share your spookiest crafts across social media using #ClawsHalloween …woooooo!

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To the east coast

3865d9e32f5fd6cec7729a6efde6a262One of the surprising advantages I have discovered to having little ones, is the opportunity to properly discover this lovely island that we live on. I really love to travel, and before children visited so many exciting countries. I have to admit that I hardly knew the UK at all though; I had never traveled further north in England than Birmingham, and not further east than London. Quite shocking considering I have lived in this country my entire life!
So, I decided to make the most of these years, where having small children discourages me from jumping on a plane, and to explore the beautiful country around me. Since Mia was born, we have had some wonderful UK-based holidays. We have explored Kent and Sussex in an old VW campervan, stayed inside the North York Moors national park in a wooden cabin in the forest, and taken many trips to south Cornwall.
Next week, we are off to stay in Woodbridge, Suffolk, and I am so looking forward to discovering a new coastline, and a whole area of the country. I cannot wait to visit old seaside towns, the Sutton Hoo site, and famous candy-colour beach huts at Southwold. And if the sun comes out, that will be amazing too!
Any recommendations for where to visit and what to see in Suffolk? I’d love to hear!
PS. I know that flying with little ones is totally possible (and we have taken Mia on a short-ish flight), but personally I find it a bit too stressful, so maybe in a few years, when I’m feeling brave enough! x