A food festival and a funfair

church buntingI can never resist any sort of foodie event, and last Saturday there was the lovely choice of two food festivals locally. The difficult choice between them was based mainly on the fact that one had face-painting!
macaronsThere were also macarons…I let Mia choose one, but she insisted she needed two…one chocolate and mint, and the other black sesame seed, on the recommendation of the lady who makes them… I was allowed a teeny taste, and it was so good!
church steepleblack sesame macaronaccordian playerA little bit of accordion music in the sunshine
milking a cowand some cow milking!
cow colouringpaellaJoe discovered a love for paella
buntingAnd clearly 22 month old’s don’t suffer from indigestion, as he then ran around the churchyard.
uk usa flagsI love the bright primary colour gaudiness and lights of fairgrounds…the smell of frying burgers and doughnuts, not so much!
merry go roundMia loves funfairs, and always wants to try as many different rides as possible, even the toddler merry-go-round with Joe! Their expressions here are so funny and confused. Joe’s first fairground ride, and he had to go in the pink Barbie car!
ice cream van
funfair It was a lovely afternoon, sunny and blustery, and full of delicious snacks and laughter. The kind of day where everyone snoozes in the car on the way home, and you feel the sun on your cheeks at the end of the day.


Highlights from Thame Food Festival


We started the weekend with a lovely visit to nearby Thame for the annual food festival. I do love food festivals and have been know to drag family members as far afield as Abergavenny to attend them! Surprisingly though, I have never visited the Thame fest before. It was fantastic; so many different stalls, with a really wide variety of food to try or take home. One of my favourites, and Mia’s, is churros, so we started off here, whilst Andrew and Joe queued for Japanese dumplings!


Followed by a vanilla macaron that tasted just like good ice cream



Off-duty chefs!


Beautiful borlottis from Sandy Lane Farm


Jam jars of flowers decorated so many of the stalls


There’s no beating the cinnamon sugar-chocolate sauce combo


Eaten in style…pink sparkly ballet shoes and cat ears optional


Sandy Lane Farm’s magnificent looking display of veggies




The most amazing pale green squashes


Admiring the beautiful aubergines, mini pumpkins and kale


My choice of macaron, earl grey flavour


Our stylish transport to and from the festival


The front!

20140927_173451I love the taste of English apples at this time of year


Photogenic beans!