Siblings (February)

I am definitely going for a better late than never approach to joining in with the Siblings Project.To tell you a little about the project, it is hosted by Lucy of Dear Beautiful, along with her cohosts Katie, Carie, Annie, Keri-Anne and Amber. The Siblings Project is a challenge to photograph your children together once a month. A great way of sharing precious sibling moments with this lovely community of parents. I first discovered the project last year, and really enjoyed seening everyone’s wonderful sibling photos. As it was part-way through the year, I hoped to join the project in 2016, and so finally, only one month late, here we are!


Mia and Joe spend very little time together during the week, due to school, nursery and our busy work schedules, so weekends and school holidays are the only times they really get to spend a decent amount of time together. This week is half-term and they have been enjoying lots of adventures together, forest school and mud pie making, craft activities with their Grandma, a picnic by the river, lots of walks and a fun trip to the park!




I have also been joining in with the Siblings Project on Instagram at @siblings_project . Come and take a look if you’ve not joined in already!

The Me and Mine Project

A Murmuration Of Starlings


I have never had a bucket list…not really sure that I like the idea, it just seems a bit morbid to me! But, I do have a few things in mind that I would love to do/see/achieve at some point sometime. Seeing a murmuration of starlings was one of those, a natural spectacle that seemed achieveable to find. Having seen a couple of lovely Insta-friends recent pics of winter skies and these beautiful crowds of starlings, I felt compelled to see it for myself.


So on the greyest of late January days we visited RSPB Otmoor, in Oxfordshire with the hope of being lucky enough to see the starlings before they roosted.


We walked for hours, waiting for the sun to set, and then, just as we had started to head home I spotted this on the horizon. All of a sudden the starlings has appeared in a flock of thousands and were making the most amazing shapes in the sky. It was absolutely mesmering to watch and lasted for at least half an hour.


It was also a really beautiful location for a walk, with reed beds and marshes and loads of other birds to see.


So much mud! But there’s no way I could deny them a bit of puddle jumping! IMG_3360eDSC_0135eDSC_0133eDSC_0130eDSC_0122eDSC_0121 (2)e

I’m now hoping for a sunny winter’s day, so that I can return to Otmoor and see the starlings again. Perhaps I am turning into a crazy bird-spotter lady!

Have you seen starling murmations anywhere else? I would love to see photos!