A December Snow Story

Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas has been a good one, with time to rest, feast and spend time with your favourite people.

It has been quiet around here recently, as my time has been so full of work and school commitments since September. The rhythm of our weeks has changed, but I miss this space, and room to share and talk about my photographs and our daily adventures.

I’m not really a person to commit to resolutions, but this year I would love to spend more time with this blog, and will do my best to be around a little more.

But back to the photos; from a snow day in December, just before Christmas and amazingly coinciding with Mia’s birthday. A magical, perfect day, when all of our birthday plans were put on hold to run about in the snowflakes.

Waking Mia with news that it had snowed, and was still snowing, on her birthday morning, is one of those parenting moments I will store away in my memory for as long as possible. She was so torn between rushing outdoors in the falling snow, or opening her presents first!

A day that we had planned as a trip to Oxford for lunch and shopping, spontaneoulsy became a day of snowman building, snowball fights and sledging. Mia was around 4 years old last time it snowed, and could remember it, but Joe at 6 months old had no memory of it at all. He kept looking at the snow falling from the sky , confused as if he couldn’t work out where it was falling from.

Breakfast included a home made sno-cone, of snow and honey – in place of maple syrup!

A lovingly made snowman, who survived for most of the following week, before becoming a slushy puddle of coal, carrot nose and football scarf!

His first proper snow was quite overwhelming, and after the first novelty of it, Joe was less sure he liked it. Being pulled along on a sledge was a highlight for him, but he wasn’t too keen on the sledging down hills part, or the being so cold.

A wonderful end to 2017 and the perfect start to the whole festive season. Wishing you a very happy 2018; looking forward to an exciting new year!



Five Essentials For Staying Productive


I have been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions over the last week. The return to work and school has got me contemplating this brand new year, and what my hopes are for it. I’m not the best resolution keeper…although I did succeed in my one resolution last year, to get more sleep! With a small sleep-adverse baby that was a quite a major achievement.

So, for 2015 I am focusing on productivity. Like so many people, I never seem to have enough time in the day for everything that needs doing. I really need to make the most of my free time and work time. I have come up with my essentials for being productive in the next year.

  1. Planning time: Making time to plan and make lists, especially at the start or end of the day is so helpful. I also love to tick things off a list as I complete them…but maybe that’s just me!
  2.  Set times for tasks: It is very easy to take too long on not so important tasks, so setting aside realistic time slots is a great idea. It also helps with motivation to complete tasks you would rather put off; knowing they have an end time makes them less scary.
  3. Use down-time: Waiting around time for appointments or school/nursery pick up can be useful for catching up on emails, online grocery shopping, etc…thank goodness for smart phones!
  4. Asking for help or advice: Taking time to ask and listen to other people’s opinions, and sharing experiences, can be so helpful. Good advice saves massive amounts of time that could otherwise have been wasted.
  5. Rest and reward: A little break is a massive incentive and helps to recharge. I often find that if I work for an hour, a short break for coffee helps me focus again. Setting a reward for completing something is also really helpful. As a student my reward was a biscuit for every hour of revision! Nowadays a bubble bath at the end of the day or a new magazine is more likely…although I do still love an occasional biscuit or three!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on productivity essentials!