Siblings Project (July)


Long summer afternoons, warm rosy faces and sticky ice cream hands are surely the essence of the summer holidays. The weather has been crazily unpredictable so far this summer, so as soon as the sun comes out, we’ve made sure to go outside and just enjoy it. Mia and Joe both love fruit picking and our Siblings Project portraits from June were also taken at a fruit farm! We have moved on from strawberry to cherry season, and they both love this annual tradition of climbing the cherry trees and finding the beautiful sweet cherries to pick.


I remember the first summer we took Joe cherry picking, when he was only around one, and he just ate the cherries whole, stone and all, until we realised what he was doing! I have to admit that there was still a small amount of cherry ‘sampling’ going on this time, but no stones this year, and I had come prepared with baby wipes!



They both became quite competitive with their cherry picking, and so their baskets soon filled up. Mia definitely had the height advantage and so I secretly helped Joe out a little by topping up his basket with a few cherries from mine.


The pick your own farm has a wonderful farm shop attached, which in the summertime has the best homemade ice cream and sorbets. As a reward for their hard work cherry picking, Mia and Joe got to choose a scoop of their favourite flavour. It took them forever to decide, but eventually Mia chose rhubarb and custard (and so did I!) and Joe went against his usual ‘bunilla’ (vanilla) and chose chocolate.


Just happy simple times with these two, enjoying the outdoors and making the most of the sunshine. They both went home  happily covered in layers of cherry juice, ice cream drips and leaves.


I have also been joining in with the Siblings Project on Instagram at @siblings_project . Come and take a look if you’ve not joined in already!

The Me and Mine Project




Adding A Bright Pop Of Colour To My Living Room


Do you ever look at an area of your home and suddenly realise that it really needs a bit of a freshen up? Our living room has been a bit of a work in progress since moving in eight years ago. All of the other rooms in the house have been decorated properly one by one, but as the living room is the main room in the house it is in constant use, and much more difficult to set time aside to decorate! It’s a room that serves so many functions for our family; Mia and Joe’s playroom, a space to sit and chat with friends and family, at times an office, and a space for realaxing with some tv or a book at the end of the day.


More than anything the room has to be family friendly, so we have added wooden floors, neutral off white walls, and two sofas in contrasting colours. I have added a few more personal touches, such as my vintage record player, artwork which I have collected over the years on the walls, and quite a few pot plants…but all at a safe height, away from the little ones! Still, the room was lacking in a bit of colour, so I was delighted when Sofasofa asked me if I would like to choose a pair of their lovely scatter cushions.


The Jacob cushions in colour Victoria Rose, a soft pink mauve shade look amazing with the green retro style sofa. The fabric has a really nice texture, which compliments the vintage feel of the sofa. Most importantly, as any cushion conoisseur will tell you, is plumpness, and how often the cushions need to be re-plumped. The Jacob cushions score ten out of ten on this front, and are incredibly comfortable; it’s lovely how they hold their shape so well without the need for constant re-plumping!


The cushions add a much needed splash of brightness to the living room and really fresh the place up! This new pop of colour in our home inspires me some more colourful accessories to this room and others.

As well creating beautiful sofas and cushions, I was happy to discover that Sofasofa are based right here in the uk, and that all of their products are manufactured in South Wales. Great to be supporting a uk business and local craftsmen, and for cutting down on the air miles involved in shipping from overseas. When the time comes to replace our sofas I will definitely be considering some of the gorgeous options available… I am already thinking that the Jacob 3 Seater would be the perfect fit!


Sofasofa kindly sent me a pair of Jacob scatter cushions to review. All words and opinions given are my own.