How I swapped my coffee for healthy matcha tea

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If I ever had to choose between coffee and tea I would genuinely struggle. I am a self-confessed caffeine addict. Typically my day begins with two cups of strong tea and a large mug of espresso. This morning routine has been left over from when I had a newborn baby and very little sleep! To be honest I have done very little to move away from my caffeine-loving habits, but whilst I love the boost that coffee provides first thing in the morning, I often find than an hour later I am sleepy again. It’s like living on a crazy kind of coffee roller coaster! Of course, it’s not a real addiction, and I do sometimes have coffee-free days if I’m away from home, or can’t get a decent Americano anywhere! But, I am very dozy and grumpy first thing without it! So I have been searching for alternatives; looking into healthier and lower caffeine options.


Matcha tea is one of those options. Matcha from TeaPigs is made from 100% pure organic green tea leaves and contains loads of super power ingredients, antioxidant flavanoids, amino acids and a little natural caffeine. These work together to give you a calm and sustained energy boost throughout the day. So, rather than experiencing the caffeine highs and lows that coffee provides, matcha is more gentle and makes you feel alert for a much longer period. I see this as the hot beverage equivalent of refined sugar carbs vs slow release complex carbs. I definitely know which of these makes me feel better throughout the day…and it’s unfortunately not the big bag of sugary sweets!

As well as the slow release of energy matcha provides, it has also been shown to boost metabolism and make skin look healthier, thanks to the polyphenols in green tea!


There are so many ways of introducing matcha into your day, and I have been having great fun experimenting with teapigs matcha in different drinks, and even on my morning granola!

My favourite way to drink matcha green tea is in a delcious matcha latte. The best way I have found to make this at home, is to warm milk and a little water in a pan on the stove top, add a drop of vanilla extract and some agave or honey, and then blend it all together with an aerolatte, which makes the best latte foam! Matcha latte is lovely first thing in the morning with breakfast to wake up gently for the day. I have also switched to matcha for my last drink of the day before bedtime, as it’s a lot lower in caffeine than coffee or tea, falling asleep has become quicker and easier, and I’m not staying up late watching netflix to unwind my busy mind!

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Matcha can also be added to milk or juice, or made into a fresh smoothie. I tried a teapigs matcha green tea apple flavour drink, which was really refreshing, and was a lovely mid-afternoon pick-me-up at work!

Having tried matcha out for two weeks, as part of the TeaPigs #matchachallenge, I do genuinely feel more alert , calm and focussed. I have easily added at least one cup of matcha into my day, and in doing so, have been drinking less espresso and builders tea! I am less thirsty too, my skin looks brighter, and it might just have been the sunshine, but those shadows under my eyes, are not quite as dark as usual! I will be sticking with matcha, as a regular part of my day, and hope that it continues to work its super powers!

Have you tried matcha? Do you have any great recipes? Anyone tried using matcha as a baking ingredient? I have seen matcha flavour cakes on Pinterest and really fancy giving this a try! I would love to hear your thoughts on matcha, or any other healthy drink options!


Teapigs kindly sent me a selection of matcha green tea products to try out as part of their 2 week #matchachallenge. All words and opinions are my own.










Early March Collected


We are somehow almost halfway through March already, and although the blossom and the daffodils are blooming it still really feels like winter. I’ve not shared much that I have been up to lately, so I thought a little catch up post was in order! Our home is full of spring flowers, but it is still too cold for time in the garden or planting at the allotment. Instead we have been wrapping up warm and heading outside on mini adventures, that often seem to involve cake!



We spent an afternoon exploring nearby Wallingford, searching out a good independent cafe, and just wandering along the pretty side streets. This is often my favourite kind of afternoon; without a plan and without organised fun, just free time to slow down and catch up with my family. I love hearing Mia and Joe’s stories from the week, and so often in the busyness of the weekday routine we miss pieces of each others news.


Bean and Brew is a really lovely cafe in the cente of Wallingford. It looks so small from the entrance, and we were almost put off taking the buggy inside, but there was plenty of room and a whole upstairs level. It was just nicely busy, and we had almost the whole upstairs to ourselves. I can imagine spending a whole afternoon settled into one of their comfy archairs if I was visiting by myself!


Such a beautiful old door and crumbling brick wall. I imagine there is probably a walled garden behind belonging to The Old Bakehouse.


Our Mother’s Day was spent at the Earth Trust planting an edible bouquet of nasturtiums, pansies, soft herbs and salad leaves. Mia and Joe loved putting the compost into the pots, but other than that they had limited interest in the gardening activities. They just wanted to run and play, which is just what they usually do here, so totally understandable…even if I did end up making my own Mother’s Day gifts!



And they made me breakfast in bed, so when the day starts like this everything else is forgiven. Mia even made the pancakes and cinnamon apples herself, with a little help from her Dad. Homemade cards, with lots of pom poms and glitter made it all pretty much perfect.


I had a wonderful catch up with some old friends last weekend. We visited the Varsity Bar in Oxford for cocktails and cakes, and happily spent the whole afternoon just chatting away. The Varisty Bar has a roof terrace with the most amazing views over Oxford.  It’s well worth a visit if you are in Oxford, and their lemon and cranberry muffins are the best!


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I hope you have a really lovely weekend! We are planning a trip to see the lambs and baby pigs (again at the Earth Trust!) at their very popular lambing weekend.