BEAR & Puffin’s Big Book Club

There’s nothing nicer than curling up with a book, especially at home on a rainy weekend. Mia and Joe have definitely inherited my love of books and I really enjoy sharing all of my favourites with them. There is something very comforting about reading the same stories to them that my mum read to me as a child.

Mia and Joe were delighted when a parcel arrived fromĀ BEAR with some lovely new story books and everything they needed to make their very own book club. Including book club badges, essential for every good club! BEAR are collaborting with Puffin for BEAR & Puffin’s Big Book Club – a magical adventure into the world of reading with free extracts from books every month, as well as lots of fun activities to try at home.

Mia and Joe both had lots of ideas about where their book club could be, which included the cupboard under the stairs, a wardrobe and the garage! They both agreed that their reading cave should be somewhere hidden away like a proper cave, where they wouldn’t be disturbed by grown-ups! Under the bed seemed perfect and they happily gathered up blankets and cushions to make a wonderful book club cave.

I was allowed a safe distance away, but absolutely not allowed to join in, although they did let me have a book club badge as an honorary member. It was really lovely to see them happily immersed in their books, and busy creating lists of people in their club, a register and lists of their favourite books.

Joe is only just beginning his journey of learning to read, but has already managed to memorise the words to some books. His bedtime favourites are committed to all of our memories, I suspect forever! Feel free to test me on Hairy MacLary from Donaldson’s Dairy, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Superworm any time, pretty confident I’m word perfect, as is Joe!

Of course every good club has a snack break, and yummy BEAR Alphabites cereal were the obvious choice. Alphabites are really tasty for breakfast with milk, but we also love them as a snack too – very useful as car snacks or when we’re out and about. It’s also a little easier to spell out names with them when they’re not milky!

I love the fact that BEAR Alphabites are 100% natural, only contain 6 ingredients and have absolutely no added refined sugar. It can be so difficult to find healthy breakfasts and snacks that Mia and Joe enjoy, but they both agree that Alphabites are delicious, especially the cocoa flavour, their favourite. Both, the cocoa and multigrain flavours contain coconut blossom nectar, which is full of minerals that help bones and muscles grow, help absorb vitamins and give little immune systems a boost. Surely what everyone needs at this time of year as we head into autumn!

Join BEAR & Puffin on a walk through the magical woods, and why not create your own book club. To discover more BEAR fun:

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