Dining Room Makeover & A Concrete Pendant Light Review

Concrete pendant lamp

I am so happy to finally share some home makeover pictures with you! Since moving into our new home in mid-April I have been busy planning, and decorating and shopping to make the place feel more like home. I must have started decorating projects in pretty much every room in the house now, but only one room is actually completely (well, almost) finished

Concrete pendant lamp

The dining room was previously a really awful shade of bright citrus yellow, that I cannot imagine would look good in any space. I managed to put up with the yellow colour for about a week before I had to paint it. I gave the walls a couple of coats of pure brilliant white emulsion, before adding a little colour back with Farrow & Ball’s Strong White. I love the colour; it changes with the light throughout the day and is so gentle and warm. The dining room is in the middle of the house and has no windows, so very little natural light. The right colour walls and good lighting choices were always going to be important to make this room work well.

And flowers too of course; there’s always a vase of something on the table. At the moment, a few slightly sorry-for-themselves delphiniums from the garden. They were damaged in a heavy rain storm, but far too pretty to throw away.

I have always loved the idea of a dining table with low pendant light over it. My home and dining room boards on
Pinterest have been filled with rustic and industrial well-lit dining areas for years and it’s a style I am always drawn to. Our previous home had a dining space within the kitchen, and there was definitely no option of adding seperate lighting to the old space just for the table. The main light here is the rough sand concrete pendant from First Choice Lighting, and works so well over the table. The gentle muted colour coordinates well with the wall colour and the Annie Sloan painted dresser in the corner of the room. It’s the texture I really love though; rough concrete is the perfect description, it’s somewhere between industrial factory and beach pebble! It’s a real focal point, when switched on or off, and it’s curved pendant shape helps to break up the straight lines and edges of the room and make it feel more homely.

This is what I like to think of as my corner of the dining room; my old rocking chair, cosy sheepskin and a few comfy cushions. It’s the perfect spot for reading, or just drinking tea and planning the day.

I love the bookcase space that the dresser provides, just enough for most of my cookbooks and a few of my Observer guides! The cupboards underneath are perfect for storing all of Mia and Joe’s craft supplies. They have so many pens, paints, crayons, not to mention the playdough, stickers and ink stamps. It’s essential for the art materials to have their own space, at child-height, so they can help themselves. Plus the dresser doors mean I can hide the clutter away.

dining room pendant light

The pendant light over the table lights up the corner of the room too, and is lovely in the evening, with just the right glow. It is just the right height over the table, to light the room, but not so low that we bump our heads on it.

I had to share the very top of the dresser too, so please ignore the dust that I’m sure has collected up there! My lovely jade plant, dala horse and moon print from The Seventy Tree.

As with all rooms, I always have plans to make small changes and add something new to the space. So, I’ll never say that a room is completely finished, but for now, I have a dining room I can live with quite happily. Next up is my bedroom, which we have taken back to it’s bare bones (I may have ripped up the carpet, underlay and plyboards one afternoon in the hope of discovering amazing 1920s floorboards!) and are gradually restoring, new flooring and everything. I will share a few photos of the bedroom makeover as soon as it has skirting boards and furniture again!



First Choice Lighting kindly provided the concrete pendant light for review. All words and opinions provided are my own.



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