Summer Fun with new BEAR Super Sour Yoyos

Isn’t it crazy that we’re near the end of June already? One thing we are loving this year is being a part of BEAR’s Happy by Nature team. Mia and Joe adore BEAR Yoyos and have been snacking their way through them as long as I can remember. I remember the first Yoyo Mia tried as a toddler, and me thinking how delicious and fruity it smelled…it tasted lovely and natural too. I pack them for their lunchboxes and day-trip snacks… and also occasionally my own too!

The latest yummy invention from the BEAR Cave is an exciting one, and when the the new Super Sour Yoyos arrived in the post recently, along with a colourful roulette game to play, I knew Mia and Joe would be delighted. I have to confess that I might have passed on my competitive genes onto my children! Playing board games at home brings out the crazy competitiveness in all of us…Monopoly has been banished to the back of the toy cupboard and over half-term I had to referee a game of bird memory pairs! So, when Mia and Joe saw the roulette spinner, their eyes lit up at the thought of a game! In our game, the winner was the first one to eat a Super Sour Yoyo, or the most Yoyos, or the sourest Yoyo!


Mia and Joe were really excited to try the new flavours and the brightly coloured, psychedelic swirly packaging really caught their attention. They had so much fun opening the different BEAR Yoyo recipes to find and match the recipes to the game board. The new Super Sour recipes include Strawberry and Apple, Blackcurrant and Apple and Mango and Apple. All set up, with a selection of Yoyo flavours arranged, we followed the traditional littlest-goes-first rule for Joe to spin the wheel and see if he landed on a sour one!

Mia described the BEAR Yoyo recipes as being like the rainbow, from bright and sparkly sour flavours to softer fruity flavours, perfectly described! They both really like the zingy new Super Sour recipes , especially the blackcurrant and apple which has quickly become their new favourite on-the-go snack.

From a parent’s point of view, I love how BEAR Yoyos are 100% fruit and veg snacks, with no added nonsense. Even the new super sour flavours are all natural and the zingy sourness is added with just juicy lemons! It’s perfect that BEAR yoyos count as one of their five day and have just the same amount of natural sugars as an apple.

Their love of competitive game playing extends to the BEAR ‘Secret Spy’ collectable cards which come in each pack. They collect them, trade with their friends and have the odd ‘friendly’ argument about whose card is better!

All little BEAR cubs can join Agents BEAR and Mole on a top secret adventure by collecting the ‘bearcodes’ on each pack. Once they have collected 10 codes they just pop them in the post to The Cave and Agent BEAR will then send them a free Spy kit, including stickers! Perfect for the long summer holidays ahead!

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