Studland Bay, Dorset


Studland Bay feels like a secret place, almost an island, and is accessed by a small ferry from the mainland. I suspect that everyone who visits Studland feels like it’s their own hidden beach to escape to, and is maybe just a little bit reluctant to tell too many people about it. Since we first visited Studland I have mentioned its beautiful beaches to a few friends and colleagues, and it’s amazing how many of them know and love this place. So I’ll share just a few photos from our most recent visit with you, if you promise not to tell too many people!



We took a gentle walk from South Beach to Old Harry Rocks, along the coastal footpath, surrounded by long grasses and wildflowers, and views of yachts and little boats out at sea.


A short pause for a while at Joe’s cafe for ice creams and cups of tea. I noticed bubbles floating through the air and along the beach below the cafe. For ages I couldn’t work out where they were coming from until I looked up to the old beach huts behind us and saw a boy with a bubble wand!


DSC_0153 (3)e

In full pre-tweenager pouting mode…she even stole my sunhat!



It was absolutely perfect weather, and whilst the beaches were busy by lunchtime, the cliff top footpaths were so peaceful. With a little breeze to cool us down in the heat, there was plenty of time for exploring all of the viewpoints over the cliffs, watching the seabirds flying to and from their nest sites and the sea washing against the rocks.



Always reading…halfway through the second Harry Potter, which she has now finshed and is onto the next.

I am really hoping for another day at Studland before this summer is over; let’s hope for a long Indian summer!

Have you visited this goregeous area of Dorset and love it too? Should we keep it a secret, or tell everyone we know?!


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