Siblings (August)


We are over halfway through the school summer holidays and over the last few weeks my little team of two have been adjusting to more time spent together. I’m not going to be the unrealistic parent who pretends the holidays are idyllic times of sunshine and roses, and constant sibling harmony. But, the days that they get along with each other more than they argue, are some of the sweetest, especially when the sun is shining!


I always find that both Mia and Joe grow up loads of the summer, and seem to thrive on the extra family time together. Joe has had such a language development spurt over the past few weeks, and has also finally mastered potty training (fingers crossed!). I waited until he was completely ready and this really seems to have paid off. I am so proud of him, but just the tiniest bit sad (literally about 1% ha!) that he really isn’t a baby, or even a toddler any more. He’s a confident little pre-schooler, who this time next year will be preparing to begin big school!


Mia has been reading her way through every book available this summer, particularly the Harry Potter series, and has become a complete book-lover. I had worried that perhaps she would never adore reading in the way I do, and so it is lovely to share this with her. We both take our books to the park and the beach and laze in the sunshine immersed in plots and far-away locations. This ability to escape through reading has been such a constant and important part of my life that it makes me incredibly happy to see her treasuring books too.


Even if she does ask if her hair is exactly like Hermione Granger’s about one hundred times a day!


This morning Mia and Joe woke me up telling me they had made fruit skewers and that we were having a lunchtime picnic. Who am I to argue with this on a sunny day off work, so we packed their fruit snacks and some lunch and headed to the local splash park! They played and I sunbathed, then we ate ice creams and played at the park… a really good afternoon all-round. Also, Mia’s tattoo here is sprayed on with paint…not really sure how I feel about it (even though it washes off!) but she loves it and chose it with her grandparents at the weekend, so I am trying hard to like it until it goes!


They both love playing with my phone and camera and asked to take some photos this afternoon. Below is Joe’s very blurry, but nicely composed, portrait of Mia and also Mia’s portrait of me and my rucksack…very artistic! 🙂 Brother and sister (plus mama) portraits by the little siblings themselves!



I have also been joining in with the Siblings Project on Instagram at @siblings_project . Come and take a look if you’ve not joined in already!

The Me and Mine Project

2 thoughts on “Siblings (August)

  1. Carie @ Space for the Butterflies Reply

    They look like they’ve been having a blast (Hermione hair included!) What a lovely way to spend the summer 🙂

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks very much Carie! They have been enjoying as much beach as possible this summer, just making the most of the sunny weather and lazy times! Hope you’ve had a lovely summer too! x

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