Siblings Project (July)


Long summer afternoons, warm rosy faces and sticky ice cream hands are surely the essence of the summer holidays. The weather has been crazily unpredictable so far this summer, so as soon as the sun comes out, we’ve made sure to go outside and just enjoy it. Mia and Joe both love fruit picking and our Siblings Project portraits from June were also taken at a fruit farm! We have moved on from strawberry to cherry season, and they both love this annual tradition of climbing the cherry trees and finding the beautiful sweet cherries to pick.


I remember the first summer we took Joe cherry picking, when he was only around one, and he just ate the cherries whole, stone and all, until we realised what he was doing! I have to admit that there was still a small amount of cherry ‘sampling’ going on this time, but no stones this year, and I had come prepared with baby wipes!



They both became quite competitive with their cherry picking, and so their baskets soon filled up. Mia definitely had the height advantage and so I secretly helped Joe out a little by topping up his basket with a few cherries from mine.


The pick your own farm has a wonderful farm shop attached, which in the summertime has the best homemade ice cream and sorbets. As a reward for their hard work cherry picking, Mia and Joe got to choose a scoop of their favourite flavour. It took them forever to decide, but eventually Mia chose rhubarb and custard (and so did I!) and Joe went against his usual ‘bunilla’ (vanilla) and chose chocolate.


Just happy simple times with these two, enjoying the outdoors and making the most of the sunshine. They both went home  happily covered in layers of cherry juice, ice cream drips and leaves.


I have also been joining in with the Siblings Project on Instagram at @siblings_project . Come and take a look if you’ve not joined in already!

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6 thoughts on “Siblings Project (July)

  1. Tracey @ mummyshire Reply

    Oh you’re right, Ptmmdpwgpmt summer unless your hands are covered in something ice-creamy and a little bit sticky! Your children are lovely and Mia looks very like you!! I hope they have a lovely summer holiday together

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Oh absolutely Tracey! Summer is for ice cream! Thank you for your kind words, everyone says that Mia is my mini-me! hope you are having a lovely summer holiday too with your little ones! Xx

  2. mirari Reply

    i wish i could pick our fruits like this, at the farms, but we dont have those kind of farms in here.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      The fruit farms are really popular here, especially in the summer holidays. Your wild hazelnuts looked amazing the other day though, and I would have no idea where to find them in the uk! 🙂 X

  3. Gillian Roe Reply

    How lovely to have somewhere nearby where you can pick cherries, and such great photos of your children, they look very content. I would’ve gone for the rhubarb and custard flavour myself, too. 🙂

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks so much Gillian! We are very lucky having places to pick fruit nearby, my little ones love to go there! The rhubarb and custard ice cream is pretty much perfect, but they also have a raspberry sorbet flavour I have to go back and try next time! 😉

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