Get Outdoors This Half Term

Half term holidays
The half term holidays begin this Friday, and I am already thinking about ways to entertain my two little ones over the week off school and nursery. We have quite a few plans already, including a  trip to the seaside for a few nights, and some planned catch ups with friends. I have left some quiet, unplanned holiday time as well, as it’s good to have this free space and everyone could do with rest time, it is a holiday after all!

Half term holidays

One of my main aims over the holidays (and more generally) is to encourage time spent outside, and away from screens. I have nothing against Mia and Joe having tv and computer time, but in moderation. Their weeks are usually so busy that they spend only an hour or two a day with a screen of some kind. I’m sure this would be considered too much by some families, but it works for us, so I am happy with that! Holidays are often when screen time becomes more of an issue, and entire days would disappear in front of screens if I didn’t press the off button. We aim for for screen-free time between 9am and 3pm during the holidays, as this is the time when Mia is usually at school, and it provides a good balance. They get to watch some breakfast tv, then go out for the day, or play at home, and unwind with a little tv or computer in the late afternoon when they are often tired.

Half term holidays

So, this leads me onto some ideas for getting outside more over the holidays, to encourage more time enjoying nature, even if the weather awful!

I have created a fun nature treasure hunt for Mia and Joe over half term. It’s a multi-sensory activity, which should lead them to explore, look around in the trees and the grass, touch leaves and listen for birdsong. The treasure hunt items are quite general and most should be possible to find in any setting, with a little time and effort. I chose items that transfer across the seasons too…so you might find a different kind of wildflower in Spring to Autumn.

nature treasure hunt

Nature Treasure Hunt reverse

Some More Outdoors Ideas

  • 30 Days Wild – join the Wildlife Trusts by doing something wild every day during June. Their website is full a amazing ideas, and if you sign up they will send you a lovely chart and loads of stickers!
  • Eat outside – lunch in the garden, or in the woods, or a pizza picnic for dinner…you pretty much just need a picnic blanket and whatever you fancy eating!

Half term holidays

  • Forest school activites – there are lots of local nature centres throughout the country and forest school holiday activities continue to become more popular. Take a look at your local Wildlife Trust’s website, and see where they have holiday activities happening. If you are near Oxfordshire I can recommend the Earth Trust, Hill End, Harcourt Arboretum and the Oxford Botanic Garden…all have nature themed activies running throughout the year, and particularly during school holidays

Half term holidays

  • Grow something – you can grow loads of vegetables or fruit in a really tiny spaces and kids love to do gardening. I’ve had success with baby carrots grown in a small planter on the patio and strawberries grown in hanging baskets. Herbs and edible flowers are also a great option, and make your food extra tasty and pretty! Once you have chosen your seeds, planting and watering them is fun too. Mia and Joe actually argue about who gets to water our garden…so it’s never me!

Half term holidays

  • Find a bluebell wood – they are magical at this time of year, and woods provide some shelter even if the weather is rainy. I’ve suggested some local bluebell woods to explore here and here.

Half term holidays

  • Make a bug hotel in your garden – you’ll only need a few old broken pots, sticks, wood, moss…whatever you can gather around the garden, the bugs and beetles will love it.

Half term holidays

Puddle jumping – why not! The weather is warm enough now that you and your little ones are not going to freeze if you get a bit wet. Just pop on some welly boots and waterproofs and make the most of the rainy days. Maybe test the depth of those really big puddles yourself first though (speaking from experience!)

I would love to hear your ideas for encouraging outdoors play, and any holiday activities that you have going on!


Please feel free to print the nature treasure hunt for your own personal use. I’ll be sharing it over on Pinterest too!


4 thoughts on “Get Outdoors This Half Term

  1. Tracey at mummyshire Reply

    Hey Laura, you have some lovely idea here and the photography is stunning too. Hopefully we won’t be doing puddle jumping and the weather stays dry for the bank holiday.
    We have some lovely earth trust groups taking place near us and we learn something new and had a great time!
    It was lovely spending time with you at #BlogCamp, hope you had fun xx

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks so much Tracey! Wasn’t #Blogcamp great fun, it was lovely to see you! That’s great that you also have some earth trust groups near you too, they’re the best! We spent a day making mud pies last holiday, so it can’t get any messier than that! 😉 Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoy half term! xx

  2. mirari Reply

    so many good ideas!!! i love the nature treasure hunt, and oh blueberry fields… but it’s quite late no, isn’t it? there’s an amazing wood in belgium but we weren’t able to visit it this year (it was in full bloom by the end of april-first week of may, just when my parents in law were moving to a new house and they needed us…). i’m going to visit the 30 days wild!
    also your allotement looks great, growing up vegetables or plants is a good plan, like eating outside, wendie loves to pic nic. xx

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks so much Mirari! The 30 days wild is great, so many lovely ideas for activities and a fun online community too through Twitter & Instagram. Out allotment is doing okay this year, but everything is so behind as we had a long & freezing cold spring! I’ve only just planted beans and courgettes outside! My two love to picnic up there in the summer and snack as they go! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx

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