Siblings Project (May)


Spring sunshine, bright daylight and fields of yellow flowers make portrait photography a little easier than the grey winter months, but my two little ones still like to make it a challenge for me! We were on a weekend drive to the farm shop when I spotted the most gorgeous rapeseed field. There’s no way we could drive past withouot stopping for a few photos against the most perfect backdrop. I suggested a quick run around the field (avoiding the farmer’s crops, of course) and Mia and Joe were very willing to join in!


They looked for beetles and bugs amongst the flowers, which was the only way of persuading them to keep still for a few seconds.

IMG_5998e  IMG_5978e

Whilst they are such different little characters, their wild and free nature is very similar. They are at home running around a field, creating games of chasing and hiding. I always encourage this in both of them; a love, understanding and respect of nature. It seems such an important part of their learning, and if nature fuels imaginative games then they are even better for time spent outdoors.




I have also been joining in with the Siblings Project on Instagram at @siblings_project . Come and take a look if you’ve not joined in already!

The Me and Mine Project

4 thoughts on “Siblings Project (May)

  1. mirari Reply

    such beautiful photos, they’re so full of joy!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you so much Mirari! I was trying my best to capture the fun they we’re having chasing around the field!

  2. Steph Reply

    What beautiful captures – I love the yellow flowers in the rapeseed fields at the moment. Gorgeous x

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks so much Steph. The yellow rapeseed fields are very beautiful and impossible to resist photographing them! x

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