Oxford Instameet


Last weekend I joined a group of local bloggers, Instagrammers and photographers to meet up in Oxford for an Instameet. A great opportunity to enjoy the city in the sunshine, taking photos and meeting new people. The Instameet was organised by lovely local bloggers, Natasha (of Candy Pop), Rosie (Kinship of Oxford) and Anna (Independent Oxford). It was so nice to finally get to meet some Twitter and Instagram online friends in person, chat photography and explore some of Oxford’s prettiest streets.


We met up at the Jam Factory in central Oxford, for coffee and introductions before walking along the canal path and through Jericho’s peaceful streets with their dreamy pastel colour houses. Taking time to explore whilst focusing on the surroudings and photography was blissful. And I really noticed so much more; colourful doors, and pretty front gardens, cats sunbathing in windows and so much spring blossom. On any other day I’m sure I would have missed most of these things, caught up in the rush of daily life.



The weather was really kind to us too, and the sun shone all morning as we walked through the city, showing Oxford at it’s very best.




There was definitely a spring flowers and bicycle theme to my photos from the day, not intentionally, but I find it impossible to walk past either without taking a quick photo!




We stopped by 2 North Parade for some cakes and pastries, kindly provided by Pete who runs the store. I really wish I lived close enough to North Parade for this to be my local corner shop. Such great local seasonal produce, plus bread, charcuterie and cheeses!



One from the start of the day; I love how everyone is chatting and laughing whilst using their phones to share photos and tweets. A great thing about hanging out with other Instagrammers is that playing on your phone is totally alright, and not frowned upon at all!

To see more pictures from the Instameet, take a look at the #Oxfordinstameet tag on Instagram and Twitter.


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