An Instagram March


March has to be one of my favourite months; a time for Spring to officially begin, for the clocks to move forwards, and also my birthday month!

I feel drawn outdoors even more than ever, with hints of warm sunshine and the surrounding countryside just waiting to be enjoyed. I’ve noticed that our family walks at the weekend have gradually become longer, without this being a conscious decision. It wasn’t until we walked one of our usual routes last weekend and all felt we wanted to walk further, just to soak up the springtime weather.

There are daffodils everywhere you look; their bright pops of colour cheering gloomy city streets, empty gardens, and my Instagram gallery during March featured so many of them! I have bunches scattered around the house continually, and adore their gentle scent. There were also blossoms, Oxford adventures and lots of seasonal baking shared this month…here are my Instagram favourite nine from March.

p.s I was delighted to have one of my images (top-left above) featured as part of Seeds & Stitches #embracingthesesons Spring post. Do take a look at this wonderful tag and Hannah’s beautiful post for lots of seasonal gorgeousness and inspiration.



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