An Easter Egg Hunt With No Rules

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I love arranging an Easter egg hunt for Mia and Joe each year, and they were lucky enough to have their Great-Grandad’s garden for their chocolate hunting this time! And, there are no rules! That would just spoil the fun. I just hide lots of tiny foil wrappped eggs around the garden, and a few chick and bunny decorations, provide the baskets and off they go!


There are no clues, and no set order to find the eggs in. I like to make it fairly difficult to find some of them, and hide them amongst the plants and trees!

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Amazingly, no chocolate gets eaten during the egg hunt, as they are so focused on finding more than each other.

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And the sun shone in between showers, as they raced between the pretty springtime flower borders.

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The egg hunt actually went on for longer than I had expected, as Joe kept dropping his eggs out of his basket. Mia was very sweet when this happened, and paused her own search for a few minutes, to help him pick them up!









I may have eaten one or two tiny eggs whilst Mia and Joe gathered their own, and now have the tough job of rationing the chocolate! Too much of the sugary stuff and they really go crazy, and I’m sure their dentist will thank me in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter long weekend. I would love to hear about your Easter traditions too!


2 thoughts on “An Easter Egg Hunt With No Rules

  1. mirari Reply

    i love mia’s skirt! and i find it so much better to go on egg hunting without rules…

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks very much! And definitely, games with rules are never so much fun!

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