Crafting For Easter: Make A Papier Mache Chicken


With Easter only a couple of weeks ago, I have been thinking of some fun seasonal craft activities for my little ones! At two and seven Mia and Joe enjoy different sorts of craft activities, and of course have really different abilities. Mia loves to make anything with fabric or glitter and Joe loves to paint…or he likes to shout dinosaur names at me and expects me to paint them!

Mia and I had a quiet afternoon recently so, inspired by a fun Easter craft idea I had seen on Pinterest, we had a go at making a papier mache chicken. I have linked the original tutorial on my Pinterest board below, but ours included quite a few variations, so I thought it would be fun to share!

We made two cardboard chicken templates from a large cereal box, and I left one side of the box attached, so the two templates were joined at the base…if that makes sense! To give the chicken a 3D shape we then stuck pieces of sellotape across the two template pieces, to form to back and sides of the chicken. You can also complete this stage using strips of paper and glue…ours was a sort of speed version.


Mia then chose some pretty floral fabric and cut it into irregular pieces, just as you would for traditional papier mache. We then stuck each piece on to the template with pva glue, overlapping the fabric so there were no gaps. Mia then painted glue over the outside to make sure any loose edges were neat and sealed. The extra coat of pva also gave the chicken a nice glossy finish and made it stronger.


I cut out a comb for the chicken’s head from red wool felt, and some contrasting yellow fabric for the beak. Mia stuck these on carefully and then chose some googly eyes to complete her lovely flowery chicken! I am sure she will look great amongst some spring flowers and a few (!) chocolate eggs as part of our Easter decorations.


Take a look at my Pinterest board for a link to the original tutorial, and for lots of other fun craft ideas.


2 thoughts on “Crafting For Easter: Make A Papier Mache Chicken

  1. mirari Reply

    how could we live in the past without all the good ideas from blogs??? i think i must visit your pinterest!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I do love a good browse on Pinterest, so many wonderful ideas, so little time!

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