Learn To Cook Thai: Thaikhun Cookery School Launch

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Oxford has a fantastic restaurant and foodie scene, that has improved so much over the last few years with lots of new and exciting restaurants, pop ups and street food.

Thaikhun is a particularly vibrant addition to the city centre restaurants, with it’s delicious and informal Thai street style food. It has a great reputation amongst locals as a fun place to eat, with great service and really authentic Thai dishes.

Thaikhun have just lauched a brand new cookery school within their Oxford restuarant and invited me along to try it out! I couldn’t miss such a fantastic oppurtunity to see behind the scenes at one of my favourite local restaurants, and to hopefully learn how to make my home-cooked Thai food anywhere near as tasty as theirs.

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Head chef Deow led the class, accompanied by Map, Thaikhun’s Events Manager, and both made our class of five willing amateur cooks very welcome. First up was Thai spring rolls, one of my favourites. Deow showed us how to make the spring roll filling, by really finely chopping cabbage, carrot and chicken to add to bean sprouts, noodles and mushrooms, which had been prepared in advance by the Thaikhun chefs. He showed us the rolling technique several times, including lots of handy cheffy hints along the way! It was great to have a go after the tutorial, and whilst my julienned veggies didn’t look quite as beautiful and neat as Deow’s I was pleasantly surprised with my rolling efforts.

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After cooking the spring rolls the class got to sit down and enjoy them. I loved this aspect of the course, the chance to enjoy our cooking whilst it was freshly cooked and warm. It was great chatting with the others in the class and the chefs. A really lovely sociable atmosphere, which made the cookery school feel relaxed and enjoyable.

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The main course was a chicken green curry, one of my all time favourites. It was great to learn about all of the main ingredients in the green curry paste. Chef Deow introduced us to each one individually; we got smell kafir lime leaves and taste the palm sugar which was delicious and a lot like fudge. He explained how it is made from the sap of the palm tree, cooked for hours to produce a relatively small amount of sugar, and that Thai children love to snack on the palm sugar as a treat. I can definitely see why, it was so moreish!

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It was great learning how to chop the vegetables, and how long to cook them for, with the curry paste, chicken and coconut milk. DSC_0190 (2) DSC_0201 (2)

The delicious coconut citrus scents coming from the cooking school stations was incredible, and everyone in the class had such great results with their curry. We served the green curry with jasmine rice, and Deow showed us how we could decorate it with some freshly chopped (and de-seeded!) red chilli.

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The green curry tasted amazing, and so much better than my previous efforts at home. Really fresh and zingy, and comftingly creamy from the coconut milk. The combination of exactly the right ingredients and expert guidance from Deow and team made such a difference. A great fun afternoon with such delicous food; I am sure the classes will become very popular.

Thaikhun have just launched their cookery school in Oxford, and are currently running a special promotion on bookings for two people. It would make a great present for a friend or a couple, and so much more fun than just booking somewhere for dinner!


This is not a sponsored post, I was invited along as a guest of the cookery school, but all opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Learn To Cook Thai: Thaikhun Cookery School Launch

  1. mirari Reply

    such a luck to be present in a thai cooking class!!! my husband loves thai food and i usually cook it

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I love Thai food too! My other half is not much of a chef, so it was definitely good to learn how to make a few Thai dishes myself! 🙂

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