Mud Pie Making At The Earth Trust


I shared a little preview of one of our half term adventures in my last post, so here is the full story about Mud Pie Monday. How could anyone resist an activity morning with such a great name! The Earth Trust at Little Wittenham were holding activities every day through half term, with plenty of woodland exploring and forest school fun. Mia and Joe adore mud, the more and the messier the better, but I am understandably not too keen on them turning our garden at home into a swamp.


Puddle suits were essential and Joe was even persuaded into wearing his welly boots too! Perfect for running about carefree without having to worry about getting muddy clothes.


Having driven to the Earth Trust main site, we parked up and took the short walk across fields to the woods.  It was absolutely freezing cold outside, with bright sunshine and perfect blue skies, and the grass was still crunchy with frost.


Fortunately the mud in the woods was not frozen, and there was plenty of it! There were tubs, water, buckets and some small spades and forks provided. It was lovely seeing all of the children out there in the woods, enjoying the outdoor space, with just nature for entertainment. It reminded me a lot of my own childhood, which involved lots of time playing outside.


After making perfect mud pies, and then having a friendly mud fight, Mia and Joe explored the woods a little, finding fallen branches and twigs to make a mini shelter, which they told me was for bugs and squirells. The sunlight was so bright and hazy, filtering through the tree branches.



Needless to say, everyone ended up completely covered in mud and there had to be a change of clothes before the journey home! The Earth Trust is one of our favourite places locally and I can’t wait to head back for more activites over the Easter holidays.


2 thoughts on “Mud Pie Making At The Earth Trust

  1. mirari Reply

    tasty mud pies, miam! hehehhe. children have a lot of fun with the mud 🙂

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      They definitely do! I am always so thankful that nature centres run events like this, great fun! 🙂

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