Pieces of our weekend


Simple weekends are so often the best. We started the weekend with very little planned, as Mia had arrived home from a school trip at 1am on Saturday. With Joe’s regular early morning waking, and the prospect of solo parenting most of Saturday, I went for the safe option of a quiet morning at home

Saturday afternoon turned out to be productive though, a little trip out for coffee in the afternoon, and we even managed to find some lovely new shoes for Joe. He is super-fussy, so that was a major achievement. Well done to Startrite for making shoes with beetles and bugs on them! The day ended with a fairly spontaneous family board games evening, that was so much fun, and involved inventing a new popcorn flavour. Swedish dark syrup (like a more caramelised golden syrup) and sea salt was delicious.


After Sunday morning disappeared somewhere, and A made some delicious bread, we set out for an afternoon walk at RSPB Otmoor.


I wish I had realised years ago that walks can be enjoyable in all weathers. Sunday was very grey, and windy, and a bit drizzly at times, but we wrapped up and went out, and I am so glad we did. We walked for hours, searching for starling murmations (successfully, a whole separate post to follow soon!) and admiring the dramatic winter landscape. Mia and Joe had so much fun, got covered in mud head to toe and loved staying out until it got dark.

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And of course there was train track building.


And days where not all of us bothered to get dressed properly.


Such tired eyes and shadows. Mia was one of the youngest from her school to sing with their choir at the O2 on Friday. Such an amazing experience for her at this age, it has made quite an impression on her. I was so undecided whether to allow her to go or not, as it was a long day, and a lot of practising in the weeks before. I am so glad I let her take part though, as she has thrived on the experience.


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  1. Siobhan Reply

    Loved the games night 🙂 Do you think you could get a babysitter if we were to do one for Jon’s 30th around that time?

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Definitely! Just let me know when you’re thinking of and we’ll arrange it! x

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