Making bird feeders for the garden


I had an idea after Christmas to recylce our Christmas tree as a garden bird feeding station. We are lucky to get a wide variety of birds in our garden and I always like to pop some snacks outside for them, especially during the cold winter months. Mia and Joe love to see the garden birds, and always save their toast crusts for them too! They were both really keen on the idea of keeping our Christmas tree a little longer AND making some delicious bird food.

Joe suggested we should put flies and worms in the bird food, as that’s what they like to eat in the garden, but I managed to persuade him that bird seed would be easier to source and make. We made bird cakes, shaped with cookie cutters into festive shapes, such as stars, hearts, baubles and a gingerbread man angel. We just mixed some wild bird seed with softened lard (lovely!) and a little cheddar cheese. Once mixed and pressed into the cookie cutters we put the decorations on a baking sheet and left them outside over night to set. The next day I used a skewer to make a hole at the top of each decoration for hanging, and then threaded through some garden twine.

I also added some apples to a little wooden bird feeder which we already had, added a coconut shell feeder, and even some mistletoe left over from Christmas. We had great fun decorating the tree, happy that it gets a second lease of life and that our garden birds get to enjoy some tasty treats!


I have found so many other great ideas for feeding garden birds over on Pinterest, including popcorn garlands, which would have looked lovely on our tree! Definitely using that idea next year.

PS. we also had dinosaur shaped bird cake decorations 😉


3 thoughts on “Making bird feeders for the garden

  1. Siobhan Reply

    They look great! I tried something similar with giant pinecones I found in the park but the effect wasn’t pretty like yours. Looks like I’ve strung greasy sausages from the lilac! Joe needs some dried mealworms. The feathered ones love them. X

  2. mirari Reply

    i’m too lazy for making them and buy them already made… but that’s so cute to make heart feeders!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      We had to compromise with some heart ones for Mia and some dinosaur shapes for Joe…all good messy fun though! 🙂

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