Days In Between


The time between Christmas and New Year is perfect for reflecting and planning. A chance to pause, to look back on the year which is so nearly over and look forwards to the exciting year to come. For sorting out cupboards, ready for the new toys which arrived with Christmas and preparing the allotment for the new veg planting season in a few months.

Having time to sit down with a pot of tea, to make lists and take stock of the last twelve months is precious, and unlike any other time of year. I am not rushing, and the gentle planning and sorting is taking place at a leisurely pace, usually in my pyjamas and interspersed with board games, jigsaws and walks (and more mince pies than could be considered healthy).

The sunshine over the past few days has also been so welcome, and we have made the most of it by getting outside. I took a few iphone pics on a walk to the nearby Wittenham Clumps yesterday.


Today we explored the Chilterns with a walk from Christmas Common…great to discover a new area with amazing views, and also a chance to try out my fancy new camera lens…photos to follow once I get them off my camera.

This time two years ago I was also reflecting on the season, and enjoying the break from routines.

Hope you are enjoying the in between time too!


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