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We wished our lovely little Mia Rose the happiest of birthdays last week as she turned seven and celebrated with a movie night party at home with her friends.

Seven. It seems very grown up somehow…at five and six they are still definitely small children, but seven is a turning point…between small and tween perhaps (cannot stand the word ‘tween’!) I am sure I will look back in five or ten years time and think how small she was at this age.

Mia has always know her own mind so clearly. Even before she was born, she would start kicking me if I missed my (her) mid-morning snack! My work colleagues found it so funny as they could see her angry little legs kicking away at my stomach! It sums up her personality so well…strong, focused, perhaps a little ruthless. Mia is wonderfully wild, and I adore her free nature and open approach to life, but there are times when it is my job to tame this side of her personality. Happy birthday little one, wishing you the happiest year to come.



2 thoughts on “Seven

  1. mirari Reply

    a strong character already when she was in your belly 🙂
    years go by so, so fast…

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      They really do! I never really believed how fast until having children x

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