Cosy autumn baking: brown sugar cookies

cookie dough

brown sugar butter syrupflourmaking cookiesicing skeletonsskeleton cookies

There is something about baking at this time of year that just feels right…the cosiness of indoors with the lights and stove on during a grey afternoon. Warming spices and pumpkin, syrup and treacle are very much part of autumn and the celebrations that take place.

This weekend Mia and I made a batch of brown sugar cookies, with some added ginger and cloves for spicy seasonal warmth. The recipe is a favourite of mine, which I shared before in this post. To go with the Halloween theme we used a gingerbread man cookie cutter and then decorated the cookies as skeletons with icing once they were cool.

For bonfire night I am planning to make some traditional parkin and a Mexican style hot chocolate with plenty of chilli. I love parkin but have never made it before, so any good recipes or suggestions would be very welcome!


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