A trip to the beach: West Wittering

Joe sunhatI should have called this post ‘When summer day trips go bad’! We had planned to visit the Isle of Wight, and take a Hoverspeed crossing over for a day on the beach. But…we woke up kind of late for the 10am crossing booked. I’d also had very minor surgery the day before so felt a bit groggy and lacking in motivation for adventuring.

We had promised Mia and Joe the beach though, and as it was gorgeously sunny, decided to head to West Wittering in Sussex. It is one of our nearest sandy beaches, and really beautiful. It seemed that most of southern England had had the same idea though and the roads around West Sussex were crazily busy. Having sat in several hours of traffic jams (and annoyingly being only about 2 miles from West Wittering) we made a spontaneous diversion to Selsey, hoping that it might have a beach.

Mia beach hair Sea wall Mia Joe sunhatsSelsey did have a pebble beach, which was just fine for our picnic lunch, so we soaked up some sun for an hour or so, and had a walk along the sea-front. I attempted to climb the sea wall, whilst carrying Joe and a heavy backpack, and managed to inflict some quite impressive bruises on my poor legs!

beach pebbles boats on the beach lifeboat side view lifeboat west wittering beach huts We did eventually reach West Wittering, having found a back roads shortcut, through the lanes from Selsey. Although the beach was crowded, we found a lovely place to sit by the dunes and swam in the warm shallow sea. It was the kind of day, that you had to take the positives from!

joe west wittering beach huts west wittering


5 thoughts on “A trip to the beach: West Wittering

  1. Muddy mum Reply

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. mirari Reply

    sometimes it seems that everybody wants to go to the same place you planned… blan b looks great, and i’m sure you took lots of those stones!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      The stones were lovely, and we may have taken a few home! ☺️

  3. Natalie Reply

    We love Wedt Wittering. We stayed back in 2014 and definitely want to go again this year x

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      West Wittering is beautiful isn’t it, with the sand dunes and colourful beach huts! I love it there, but it gets a bit crazy there on bank holidays! 🙂

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