Preparing for the new school term

back to school

I have always loved September for the back to school preparation, shiny new shoes, fresh notebooks and pens. I secretly enjoy the routine of getting ready for a new school year. I love the list making and planning, the special trips to the school uniform shop, and ordering little personalised name tapes! Mia has just started year 2 of primary, so I have had a few years to adjust to this back to school routine. It was quite daunting when she very first started, just looking through the list of everything my tiny little four year old would need!

So, let me share a little virtual shopping trip with you…

Back to School CollageLeft to right…

Cosy Printed Sweatshirt

Printed Umbrella

Red Wellies

Sausage Dog Hair Set

Printed Poncho

Bookworms Print

Navy Blue Parka

Fox Detail Backpack

ShapeMaker Wooden Toy Block Set

This selection includes items that would be suitable for school age and nursery age children, and most would be appropriate for boys or girls. Mia and Joe are four years apart in age, and have quite different tastes/style but I know they would both love the sweet fox satchel, or the wooden blocks!


2 thoughts on “Preparing for the new school term

  1. Muddy mum Reply

    Next time you can help me get organised! 🙂
    I am the mother that is googling when term starts and hoping I’ve got a few more days, then the last minute shoe shop and practically ironing in the name tapes as the children get dressed.
    Your organisation and joy of the task is highly commendable 🙂

  2. Siobhan Reply

    Speaking of satchels, I was so tempted to buy a green apple Little Bird satchel for Phoebe when she’s old enough though it was nice enough to use myself!

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