Visiting Roskilly’s Farm and Ice Cream Parlour

Roskillys cowsWhen you visit a place and wonder how on earth you never knew about it before…I have been visiting Cornwall for so many years, and enjoyed lots of Roskilly’s delicious ice cream flavours in cafes and at the beach, but who knew you can also visit Roskilly’s farm, which is also a cafe and ice cream parlour! BurgersThe burgers were pretty good too! Handmade, with ‘proper’ salad and yummy wild leaves and really good homemade coleslaw. BlueberryAs for the ice cream, I had blueberry flavour, and I think it was actually a little bit tastier than my favourite ‘Oxford Blue’ blueberry flavour from the G&Ds ice cream cafe back home in Oxford. SundaeMia loved the idea of an ice cream sundae, and we had absolutely no idea it would be this size! Needless to say, she ate the strawberries, wafers and about one scoop of vanilla ice cream…her dad very obligingly ate the rest of it for her. Signpost Joe and sheep PiggiesThere are also a few farm animals at Roskillys, inquisitive sheep, snoozing piggies, geese, and some gorgeous fluffy chickens. the farm Roskillys Joe and the piglet geese lambsA very lovely place to visit for ice creams and lunch. I wish it was a little closer to home though, as an eight hour round trip for that blueberry ice cream is a bit much…but, next summer!

2 thoughts on “Visiting Roskilly’s Farm and Ice Cream Parlour

  1. mirari Reply

    such a great visit! i love those little pigs… and oh, mia, she really had good with that ice cream! happy weekend

  2. hellomistermagpie Reply

    We loved the little pigs too! They looked so happy living outside in the farm’s orchard! Have a lovely weekend! x

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