Moon Songs: Giffords Circus

moon songsThere has been a bit of pause here recently…life got crazily busy and then I got sick…funny how often those two things go together! Anyway, I am on the way to total better-ness, and have so many lovely (and at the moment half-written) posts to share with you.
A few weekends ago, we visited the wonderful Giffords Circus, for this year’s show, Moon Songs. Giffords is always one of the highlights of summer, and even on an overcast Sunday morning, University Parks in Oxford made a great location. I love how when you step inside the circus tent, and sit in the darkness, surround by twinkly lights and excited chatter, it really doesn’t matter what is going on outside!



Giffords sign Mia Giffords tea tent

tea and the BEST chocolate browniesGiffords wagons Giffords artworklove the colours and decorationMia watching Giffords
Mia was so excited about the second half of the performance that she stood up for most of it. I think she really wanted one of the ushers feathery hats!bear at giffordsyep, that’s a bear on a horseGiffords flags Lollipop



7 thoughts on “Moon Songs: Giffords Circus

  1. Abi Partridge Reply

    Hi Laura, just to let you know I’m sharing this post on my blog tomorrow for my weekend post. I love your photos!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Hi Abi! Thanks very much for your kind words. Let me know once your weekend post is up, and I’ll pop over to take a look! x

      1. Abi Partridge Reply

        Hi Laura, the post is up today. I really must get along to seeing Giffords circus one of these days!

        1. hellomistermagpie Reply

          Thanks very much for sharing my post! I love your blog, some great weekend inspiration x

  2. James Dunn -- Coffee and Countries Reply

    That looks amazing! I wish I had gone, it’s just come near me but I’m too busy to go!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      It is James, hope you get to go next summer!

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