A second birthday

Joe's cardOn Wednesday, Joseph, my littlest turned two. Goodness knows how two whole years have passed since he first arrived. He made quite an entrance into our little family two summers ago; arriving with a bang (metaphorically!), and introducing a whole new level of crazy. Joe is wild, yet clear-minded, uncompromising and incredibly kind. Like his sister, his strength of character often surprises me. It fascinates me how much I can learn from him…predictably in terms of patience, but also tolerance, bravery and determination. With each child, you try to share their perspective, and in doing so shift your own view of the world slightly. Perhaps I over-think things, or articulate myself clumsily, so will end my birthday-related ramble there! Happy birthday little Joe, may your next year be just as happy as your last!Birthday morningJoe's birthday cakeP.S…yes, he did spend most of the day nearly naked…mid heatwave, it was over 20 degrees at six in the morning. Plus, we could just dip him in the paddling pool after he got covered in birthday cake! x

2 thoughts on “A second birthday

  1. mirari Reply

    congratulations for having this not-so-little boy!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you Mirari! x

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