Making Elderflower Cordial

ElderflowersAfter recently sharing rambly thoughts about elderflowers and early summer, I thought it might be nice to also share my recipe for Elderflower Cordial. I found a few pics in the archives of our previous cordial making at home here and here.
The recipe is from my mum’s handwritten recipe folder, so goodness knows where it came from! It’s a good one though, and will keep for ages (months maybe) if stored in the fridge.
25 elderflower heads
2 lemons, sliced
50g citric acid
900g granulated sugar
3 litres water, freshly boiled
Add the sugar to a large mixing bowl and add all of the water. Stir a little, until the sugar crystals have dissolved.
Leave to cool, then add the citric acid and the lemons.
Shake the elderflowers to remove any bugs and then rinse. Add the flowers to the bowl.
Cover and leave for 24 hours, stir occasionally.
Pour through a muslin lined sieve into a jug, and then decant into bottles.
The cordial can be used straight away…which is great if you are like me, and a little bit impatient/excited about all the summery drinks! It is very good added to sparkling water for a not-to-sweet and really refreshing drink. It works really well in summer cocktails, how about a pear, elderflower and gin cocktail…and is also lovely as a syrup poured on top of vanilla ice cream.

4 thoughts on “Making Elderflower Cordial

  1. Muddy mum Reply

    Is the elderflower best now? it seems to be peaking. Worried as I have a ridiculously bust few days so won’t be able to start until well into next week.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I reckon they’ll be ok for another week or so at least, especially if you find one in a shady spot! Happy cordial making! x

  2. mirari Reply

    i was just thinking about a kind of syrup 😉 like violet syrup…
    do you know what? we got an elderflower tree!!!!!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Wow, violet syrup sounds amazing! How lovely you found an elderflower tree in your garden! X

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