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Mia and Joe booksSo many of the photos I take of Mia and Joe are of them separately, but in reality they are very often together. Sometimes happily nestled together on the sofa, or sharing a book, or playing farms, cars, dollies. But, more often than are chasing each other around wildly, play wrestling (or just fighting) and generally destroying the place. This is alright, it is normal, it’s just siblings.
Mia and Joe bookshop IMG_6451There is quite a large age gap between them, just over four and a half years. One of the major deciding factors to have a second baby was so that Mia would have a little brother and sister. I grew up with two brothers close to me in age, and I really struggled to imagine in her not having this. Of course, I had no idea whether they would get along, and whether their two little personalities would complement each other or clash. And it took some time for them to become friends; to begin with Mia was quite suspicious of this noisy, sleepless usurper. Over time they have grown together, and I hope more than anything that they will continue to do so. Their characters are similar in some ways; so determined and strong, wild and funny, a little over-emotional at times perhaps, and very very loud.
Mia and Joe icecream Joe and Mia beachJoining in with Natalie’s weekly linkup at Little Jam Pot Life,  Let them Be Little.

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  1. Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog Reply

    Beautiful heart felt post. My three do this too, they have so much fun apart but when together, they flourish x x

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