Springtime Bluebell Walk

Bluebell walk

Legend says that a field of bluebells is intricately woven with fairy enchantments…according to the Woodland Trust anyway, and I am sure they would know! I am quite willing to believe that these beautiful blue-carpeted woodlands are a bit magical.

bluebell treeCothill woodsWe are lucky enough to live near to quite a few bluebell woods in Oxfordshire, the most impressive is Badbury Clump which we visited a couple of years ago. This time we stayed a little closer to home and went to explore Cothill woods, near Abingdon.


It’s so peaceful there and relatively undisturbed, it was just us and what sounded like hundreds of pheasants in the woods! Mia bluebell hunt

DSCN3101Bluebell woodMia fieldAnd a little walk along the river too, where we saw loads of geese in the field. It also started to pour with thunder rain at this point in our walk, so we ran back to the woods!


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