Thinking about screen time

20140922_170545-1-1-1So, for me screen time is quite a new concept to be thinking of. This seems really strange as it is so widely discussed in the media, especially when it comes to little ones. Only last week I saw something crazy on tv where mums were testing how long babies would actually watch screens for before becoming unhappy…turns out, not very long, especially at 7 in the evening!

But back to my little family, and Mia in particular. At six years old, she is as familiar with most screen-based tech as adults. She has grown up with smart phones, tablets and Netflix and in some ways this is great. However, I have noticed in the last few months, maybe even since Joe was born, that her daily screen time has crept up. Whilst the handy screen-babysitter is occasionally necessary, I think both her and I had become far too reliant on it.

Having tried an outright screen ban, with a detox type approach in mind, and failed horribly, I thought quite carefully about what to introduce. What we are trying at the moment is a maximum of an hour’s screen time in the morning, and no more than two hours after school. The same applies for weekends, which I have to admit is a little more difficult. We are all following the same principle, although I do have to confess to a tiny bit of extra phone screen time for *essential* email, Instagram, Pinterest checking. So far, so good…and we have more free time which is lovely.

I would love to hear how you manage screen time in your family. Any tips or handy ideas would be so appreciated!


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  1. mirari Reply

    no TV’s the best solution… we now have Netflix but the detox was successful back in time, so she just asks to watch tv from time to time. and no tablets or telephones, of course.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      That sounds great, no TV would be my ideal situation. So much better for little minds to be off exploring and creating x

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