Enchanted Woodlands

IMG_4709eI have to admit that I was pretty happy when I found out that Mia’s homework for the school holiday was to visit the woods and take some photographs. As you might have spotted, this is what we do most weekends anyway! Hooray!

IMG_4715We went to explore some local woods that I had not visited before. We are so spoiled for choice when it comes to lovely walks in Oxfordshire. We visited woods only a couple of miles outside Oxford, but it felt like the middle of nowhere!

I am really glad to have packed wellies, it was so muddy! Mia insisted on wearing white tights though, arghh!

IMG_4719Lots of these sweet woodland flowers, but no bluebells yet.

IMG_4696eJoe got stuck in the mud and I had to pull him out!


IMG_4698Some tree rubbings with wax crayons

IMG_4759A stack of old logs perfect for climbing

IMG_4775IMG_4739Gorgeous wild primroses

IMG_4787More muddy puddles!

IMG_4693eMia chasing Joe through the forest. I love how they just feel free to run and explore.

PS. Enchanted Woodlands is the title of Mia’s school project this term. There’s going to be lots of forest school time, mud and mini beasts!


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