Creating a toddler bedroom

bedroom1bedroom2Over the Easter break I am planning a little makeover for Joe’s bedroom. He will be turning two in a couple of months and has outgrown his current nursery-look bedroom. He was also getting too big for his cot and kept bumping his head on the sides! So, last weekend he made the big move to a toddler bed, which has gone very smoothly so far (written with my fingers crossed). He has proudly shown his new bed to everyone who has visited during the past week, so I think he must approve!

I have put together a collection of toddler room decorating ideas that I love. The bright neutrals would be suitable for a boy or girl room, and this is always the way I have decorated both Mia and Joe’s rooms. One positive of this is that pieces can be shared between brothers and sisters…although I would be quite happy with the lovely Orla Kiely boat cushion on my own bed!

1: Duvet Cover Set

2: Duvet Cover

3: Striped Storage Bag

4: Boats Out At Sea Cushion

5: Hanging Glass Balloon

6: Blue House Box With Drawer

7: Silver Star Carnival Light

8: Storage Crate on Wheels

This is not a sponsored post, just a collection of beautiful items that I really love.

2 thoughts on “Creating a toddler bedroom

  1. mirari Reply

    wanting to see his bedroom!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I must share some photos of his bedroom soon! 🙂

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