Shrove Tuesday

132829d9e0c226c45ac135256545884dI must admit to having pancakes on my mind this week. Having made some delicate love heart pancakes for Valentines, Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day) is fast approaching.This is when the serious pancake eating takes place; it is sometimes necessary in the middle of winter to have an excuse for an evening of comforting carb feasting. Growing up I once held the family Pancake Day record of eating 11 crepes…goodness knows how. It reflects on the greediness (and fortunately inherited fast metabolism) of my family that my record was not held for very long!

This year, I love the idea of making savoury pancakes for dinner,  as well as traditional sweet dessert pancakes. I’ve found some amazing recipes and flavour ideas on Pinterest, and have created a collection of my favourites.I have included some gluten free and vegan pancakes, as a vague recognition of the need to be healthy sometimes – they look delicious.

It would be great to hear if you have any Pancake Day traditions or special recipes.

Happy Pancake Day for tomorrow!

Image via Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday

  1. mirari Reply

    i make the mix for a waffle but then cook it as a pancake! but oh, i’m too bad…

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Waffle pancakes sound amazing! x

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