Valentines pancakes for my loves


015eAlthough I’m not into celebrating Valentines Day in a big way, I wanted to make a little Valentines treat for Mia and Joe. Pancakes are their favourite, and a very regular weekend breakfast here. For something more special I made our usual pancake mix into pretty heart designs, inspired by this idea on Pinterest. I think my decorating technique could do with some refinement, but they tasted good, and it’s all about the love, right?!



3 thoughts on “Valentines pancakes for my loves

  1. Winwick Mum Reply

    I think your pancakes look very elegant – they’re almost too pretty to eat! I saw someone use a similar technique to make Peppa Pig pancakes which really made me laugh – although I still think my girls will be getting the usual boring round ones on Tuesday 🙂 xx

  2. littlejampotlife Reply

    These look so pretty! xx

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you! xx

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