The Gardens at Hampton Court

110eI mentioned how amazing the palace gardens at Hampton Court were in my last post, and they really were beautiful, even in midwinter. There were a couple of small signs of spring on its way too…

111eTiny buds that will become blossom

114eGreen shoots and tiny flowers


124eThe kitchen gardens were so impressive, even though not much was growing. There were some cabbages and greens, and some lovely rainbow chard.

126eI love this idea for using old plant pots as markers for herbs



101eI cannot wait to visit Hampton Court again sometime in the summer. It will be great to spend the day exploring the grounds properly. The gardens run all the way down to the River Thames, link up with Henry VIII’s deer park, that still has a herd of fallow deer, and there is a rose garden too. I think a sunny day with a picnic and some garden wandering would be pretty much perfect.



2 thoughts on “The Gardens at Hampton Court

  1. mirari Reply

    i can’t believe there are already flowers!!!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I couldn’t believe it either, so early, and it has been so cold! London must just be a lot warmer than the rest of the uk! 🙂

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