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aefc6653e103f9d0c7c2e80fd902f510At the end of last year I received the most exciting news…I had reached the top of the waiting list for an allotment in the village! I have been patiently waiting since 2013, and from early Feb I will be the proud tenant of my own plot!

When we first bought our house six years ago, it had the perfect garden for veg growing, with a large and ready-dug allotment-style plot, and three(!) greenhouses. However, this left us with very little garden to use for sitting, eating, playing with Mia, so we completed a massive garden renovation project and made the whole garden lawn! At the time we were also thinking of selling the house, and we thought a lawn would be more buyer-friendly. After re-homing two of the greenhouses and demolishing the other, picking hundreds of tulips, and hours of laying lawn turf, which are amusingly called ‘sods’, we had a beautiful garden.

But, I missed my veg growing so much, and we decided not to move, so I added my name to waiting list for an allotment in our village. There are only 15 plots, so I knew it could be a long wait! I spent the following few summers squashing in grobags of tomatoes against the shed, building a raised bed under Mia’s playhouse and planting a selection of herbs in small tubs. It has been alright, but not ideal, and with a small baby I’ve not had huge amounts of free time for gardening. So the timing of this news is perfect, and I am so excited. I am busy planning my plot, buying seeds and preparing to start digging as soon as the very cold weather passes. I have created a new allotment Pinterest board, with lots of exciting and inspiring ideas and photos, take a look.

Do let me know if you have any allotment advice, veg growing tips…is there anything you have grown really successfully? Whilst I’m not a total beginner at this, I’m certainly no expert, so any advice or ideas are really appreciated!

P.S If anyone knows the link to the image above, please let me know and I will update Pinterest x


5 thoughts on “An Allotment

  1. mirari Reply

    what a luck and a great way to start 2015! we’ve tried a lot of things, but there are some of them that always grow: onions, zucchinis and leeks. in belgium we don’t have a lot more, so in the uk it may be the same…

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks for the recommendations! I love zucchinis so will definitely grow some. I’ve never tried growing leeks or potatoes, so will have a go! Pumpkins & squash grow really well in the UK, so now I have some space I’m excited about planting these too! x

  2. mirari Reply

    oh, and potatoes 😉

  3. Winwick Mum Reply

    What exciting news about your allotment! I’m lucky to have space in my garden for vegetables, although a friend has an allotment and it seems like a wonderful community. I grow my veg in raised beds as it’s easier to maintain the soil quality and seems to reduce the slug problems that I have elsewhere. Although it’s tempting to want to grow everything in the seed catalogue, I tend to stick to what I know the family will eat so that I get best use from my space, and I’ve also learned not to plant too many seeds in one go – I found that one year there was more beetroot than you could shake a stick at and I was the only one who ate it! Our fridge was full of pickled beetroot and I couldn’t even give it away! x

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thanks, that’s such great advice, I am really looking forward to the community aspect of having an allotment. Seed catalogues are my major weakness, it is so tempting to order everything! 🙂 I had a real problem with slugs and snails last year, so I’ll definitely give raised beds a go. Laura x

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