The beach in winter, Lymington & Milford on Sea

DSCN2159eWhen the sun came out on Sunday morning, we packed up the car and headed to the coast for the day. We visited Lymington and Milford on Sea, drove through the beautiful New Forest and had a stroll on the beach. It was beautiful, if a little bit blustery!


DSCN2160eMia was fascinated by Isle of Wight ferry, and kept asking whether we could go. I must add this to our list of places to see in the summer, as it’s about twenty years since I last visited.



DSCN2176eCobbled streets in Lymington, and lots of lovely independent shops. As it was Sunday and out of season, most were closed, but it looks like a great place for an afternoon’s browsing. We walked up the hill from the harbour to the town and found the most amazing hog roast sandwiches.



DSCN2192eSecretly trying to feed the seagulls her lunch every time I looked away!


DSCN2219eA very content Joe, happy with the combination of cosy buggy, cuddly dinosaur and birds and boats to watch.

DSCN2230eAs was this sight-see-er










DSCN2293eMilford on Sea has a stunning coastal path walk and is also beach hut heaven. I’ve never seen so many huts on one beach; hundreds of different colours and on different levels with little interconnecting pathways, blissful. I had the beach almost to myself, and was happy just to watch the sun on the waves and admire the beach huts. I always feel better after seeing the sea; it’s a deeply instinctive thing…I wonder if this is universal or just island-dwellers!


2 thoughts on “The beach in winter, Lymington & Milford on Sea

  1. mirari Reply

    i love the beach in winter… and those colourful houses in the dunes are magnific!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Me too! It makes me want my own little beach hut by the sea x

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