fifty two / fifty two


IMG_2548eA portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014

Mia: among the pigeons in Oxford

Joseph: adores watching the fish tanks at the local garden centre

Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity for the 52 portraits project for the last time this year. I really can’t believe another year is over, and that I have managed to take a portrait every week of Mia and Joe. Strange to think that 2014 was their first full year together. One photo a week sounds so easy, and sometimes it is. Other times, it can be difficult to find space to capture moments on camera, or a struggle to creatively portray day-to-day life. These are good pressures though, that encourage me to take better photos, try new approaches and make time for photography.

I was so undecided whether to start the project again in 2015, but decided yesterday that I will. Nothing like leaving important decisions to the last minute! So, I will be back at the weekend…or sometime shortly after with the first portraits of the new year!


2 thoughts on “fifty two / fifty two

  1. mirari Reply

    poor pigeons if there’s a child around 😉

  2. hellomistermagpie Reply

    I know, poor things! They think chasing pigeons is the best game ever!! x

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