A festival of autumn


Last Sunday we visited the Earth Trust for a festival celebrating autumn, water, and all things pumpkiny. I have mentioned my love for the Earth Trust many times, including our trips to the lambing weekends here and here and to the wonderful Oxfordshire Goes Wild event.

As supporters of the Earth Trust there was no way we were missing the autumn festival! Their events are always so well planned for families, with outside activities, including crafts, storytelling and a usually some delicious local food at their Poem Tree cafe.

20141005_134451 There was a very popular mud pie kitchen…Joe was so so happy sitting in the middle of it all, with his spoons and leaves.

20141005_133957The beautiful Earth Trust chickens, surrounded by windfalls

20141005_134338Some of the pumpkins were incredibly well hidden in trees!

20141005_134650Cracking fresh walnuts with rocks! A pleasing amount of destruction, with shells going everywhere, and a tasty snack!


20141005_134113Water facts in the orchard

20141005_135005He refused to leave the mud pies

20141005_133248Gorgeous natural arrangements

20141005_132734edBaby sensory area with natural objects to explore

20141005_132204I fell in love with the classroom chairs…

20141005_135931and this, my favourite shed

A wonderful day, outdoors, celebrating the start of a new season.


4 thoughts on “A festival of autumn

  1. Gillian Reply

    That sounds like such a wonderful day. I love to be outdoors in the woods at this time of year, it’s extra beautiful.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I agree, I love being outdoors this time of year. I always think the cold and rainy autumn days make the sunny one seem all the more lovely!

  2. Caroline Reply

    What a great place! It looks like you had a lovely day. The mud pie kitchen is such a good idea. x

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      It is such a lovely place. The mud pie kitchen was an inspired idea, and definitely the most popular activity that day! Laura x

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