Picking our own…potatoes









Recently I noticed that our local farm shop was running a pick your own potatoes weekend. The potato picking also seemed to involve a tractor-trailer ride…Joe loves tractor rides more than anything, so we had to go! Plus, I reckoned I could use the 10kg sack of potatoes…somehow.

We had a wonderful time digging in the mud, racing Mia and Joe around in the wheelbarrows, and finding the potatoes in the sandy soil. Once we had finished digging potatoes, the farmer allowed Mia and Joe to sit in the tractor. He seemed pretty amused by how muddy they were by this point. Hopefully muddiness doesn’t matter too much when riding in a tractor! I am really not the kind of parent to stop them enjoying the dirt, and they loved it.

On the trailer ride back, we spotted a field of pumpkins, all ripening in the warm sun. Next month they will be available for picking too…I cannot wait!


3 thoughts on “Picking our own…potatoes

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  2. mir Reply

    what a luck!!!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I know!! 🙂

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