The veg patch in early autumn

010In the warm early autumn there are still stripey beetroots and flowers growing in the garden veg patch. There are a few clusters of elderberries left on the tree, and a couple of blackberries hidden in the most shaded part of the wild area.





022Picking vegetables, herbs and flowers from the garden at this late stage of the year seems like an extra treat. This year I feel as if I am getting time to fully enjoy the autumn, whilst gently preparing for the winter. Once the beetroots are all picked I plan to transplant rosemary, thyme, parsley and sorrel into the veg patch over the winter, in the hope that some may survive, or grow back in the spring.Today I have also started to paint Mia’s wooden playhouse…having put this job off for two or three years! I have taken some before photos and will take some more once it is complete; I hope to share them soon.



039The chioggia beetroot picked today were roasted with some carrots, olive oil, thyme leaves and flowers. A very simple and earthy side dish to have with mozzarella baked tortellini.


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