Cornwall part two: Porthleven, Cadgwith & Kennack Sands


Here is the second part of our wonderful week in Cornwall. We stayed in Porthleven, a lovely little fishing village on the Lizard. One morning was particularly stormy, so rather than staying indoors, in the cosiness of our cottage, we took a walk to the harbour and beach to watch the waves and surfers!




Other families were also out enjoying the waves, sea mist and rock pools

20140827_100617Collected treasures from our walk around Porthleven…a lovely smooth pebble, a limpet shell, and a bunch of runner beans from a neighbours honesty box…only 50p too!


The walk from the top of Cadgwith village to the harbour. The weather was incredibly stormy and wet when we first arrived, which doesn’t show so much in the photos. I struggled my way down a very bumpy, muddy footpath with the buggy, only to realise on the way home that there was a much more direct road route option!




We stopped to buy some fish…monkfish tails and scallops…both were amazingly fresh and delicious when we cooked them that evening.




Some puddle-jumping outside a tea room we stopped at! We hid from the rain and drank hot chocolates…having very English conversations about how it looked ‘brighter on the horizon’, and hoping that the rain would pass. By the time we ventured back out, it was so much better, and allowed time for a good walk around Cadgwith, exploring the steep hilly lanes and discovering thatched cottages nesting together by the harbour, the tiny working port, and some eccentrically decorated gardens, complete with painted beach huts!


Back to the sunshine and warmth at Kennack Sands, near the wonderfully named village of Kuggar, on the Lizard.





The last photo is actually from early in our holiday when we visited Poldhu Cove. I have hardly any photos of Mia, Joe and I together, and I love this one so much (not that I’m hiding behind Joe at all, hah!) Credit to Andrew for the photography here.


4 thoughts on “Cornwall part two: Porthleven, Cadgwith & Kennack Sands

  1. Chelsea Reply

    gorgeous, gorgeous photos! whisked me away to a place I’ve never been but so hope to one day!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      Thank you Chelsea. Cornwall is such a beautiful and magical place, I hope you get to visit one day! x

  2. Cathryn Clarke Reply

    I love Cadgwith! Have been there twice on holiday and would happily go back right now! Ah, the Cornish coast – gorgeous!

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      I know, such a beautiful place! I would love to stay in Cadgwith, it’s such a peaceful and old-fashioned place. How lovely would a Cornish beach be today!

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