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This Saturday we did our usual weekend stuff…swim lesson, a walk along the river and a stop for ice lollies & cake. On Sunday we did something new! I often drive past the Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Courtney and have been intrigued to find out more. This weekend they were holding a festival, Peace in the Park, open to everyone! Mia and I, and our lovely friend Claire, went to find out more. I am so glad that we visited, as it was just beautiful; the gorgeous country estate setting, the amazing peaceful atmosphere and the lovely people running the event and visiting it. There were talks and workshops covering many aspects of meditation and spirituality, and also lots of excellent kids activities. As we had Mia with us, most of our time there was spent visiting Alice in Wonderland, playing giant snakes & ladders, face painting…and down-hill-rolling! There may also have been strawberry-eating and tea-drinking in the sunshine!



4 thoughts on “Photos of our weekend: Peace in the Park festival

  1. mir Reply

    what a nice sunday!!!

  2. hellomistermagpie Reply

    Thanks! It was a lovely, relaxing day! Laura x

  3. Siobhan Reply

    I love that oversized tea set! And anything and everything Alice… I’ll have to drag Jon along to this next year.

    1. hellomistermagpie Reply

      It was great! I did think of you when I saw all of the Alice in Wonderland! We should all go next year; it’s a lovely festival! x

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