Photos of our weekend: cherry picking








Last weekend we had planned to visit Rectory Farm and pick some gooseberries to make jam. As the weather was kind of rainy, we decide to visit a farm closer to home. Q Gardens is nearby and has a lovely pick your own farm, and farm shop, with a little tea room hidden at the back. Although they didn’t have any gooseberries, they did have loads of cherries ready for picking. We visited their cherry orchard last year, when Joe was just a couple of weeks old.

Predictably Mia ate loads of cherries and got covered in red juice. Joe screamed as he wanted to be eating cherries, and couldn’t because of the stones. I managed to pick enough to make a cherry clafoutis (my favourite) so everyone was happy…Joe caught up with the cherry-eating later once the stones had been removed!

Ooh, and they had beehives too, pretty handmade looking ones with bees buzzing around outside collecting nectar!


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